Tag Challenge #1 (#31)

Wednesday 20th January 2021, 20:00 UTC

Server: PiranMOTOChaseGame
Event Type: Game Meet
Points Scheme:
Description: The first PiranMOTO Tag Challenge! One car is 'it', all other cars must chase and catch it by making contact. 'It' scores 1 point per car chasing per second. Whoever has scored the most at the end of the challenge will be crowned event champion!
Status: Finished: results official

Thanks to all participants of our tester event - it's safe to say we learned a lot from an event setting that were not apparent from sessions in on the server! More on future events and their formats to follow.

The honours for this event go to multiple DD winner **RD2** who dominated the event, and scored 1,759 on the best of his *21* runs!

2nd place goes to PiranMOTO's own **Jam 616**, who scored 969 (albiet on a longer run with fewer chasers).

The final spot on the podium is claimed by Race Green's **Mandula**, with 842 points.

Congratulations to the podium!


rank name car score runs
1 RD2 (rallydriver2) FXR 1,759 21
2 [PM] Jam 616 (racon) FXR 969 9
3 RG^Mandula (mandulaa) FXR 842 12
4 [PM] Jon 606 (Jon606) FXR 688 7
5 FLYING ET (Atthis) FXR 612 10
6 [PM] Vitas 993 (Giulio Niewiadomski) FXR 561 11
7 [MRc] EmreKaan (emrekaans) FXR 320 4
8 mouseleon (mouseleon1) FXR 116 3
9 [6S] SIMOX (drifteris) FX2 65 2