Welcome to PiranMOTO

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PiranMOTO is a collection of servers dedicated to the non-standard - each theme is something I couldn't find a server dedicated to, where something was missing, or where I could add something with InSim. There was rally, but not long stages; There was rallycross, but not joker laps; There was grass, but not exclusively; There was oval, but only full-sized. Etc, etc.

Since the start, 3,355 drivers have completed 84,084 laps, in 131 cars, across 206 layouts, 115 of which are currently selectable. 198 game scores have been recorded across 188 players.

Best sector, split and lap times are recorded for races, qualifying and practice, as well as theoretical best and 3-lap-average. Top scores are recorded on game servers. Times and scores can be accessed in-game with the command !top on the server for the track currently loaded, or here on the tracks page for any track. If you join, you can use the 'my times' button to easily view your times/rank for each car on that track.

** Please note that unlike Airio, sector and split times here are your best times, not the times from your best lap **

There are currently no regular events scheduled, but some one-off events will happen occasionally. (Anyone interested in running an event or a regular series here should get in touch!)

Pleasant behaviour, fair play and minimal contact is expected at all times (excepting, of course, for the contact on contact-racing servers).

A quick guide to the servers is below, for current settings and track lists see the servers page. See you on track!

- Jam 616

PiranMOTORally (time trial)

Really long rally stages! From 8m/13km (~10 mins) to 30m/49km (~40 mins). (Object penalties disabled due to stock objects)

PiranMOTORallycrossJoker (racing)

Rallycross with a real, enforced joker lap.

PiranMOTORaceOfChampions (racing)

Head-to-head in separated lanes. Winner stays on, challenger chooses car. Custom ELO-type rating system from 111 to 999.

PiranMOTODestructionDerby (contact racing)

*Full contact allowed on this server* Crash your way to the front through various gruelling tracks.

PiranMOTOChaseGame (game)

Tag with cars! Reverse tag, technically - you gain one point each second for every car chasing you, your turn ends when another car hits you. Built-in insim radar screen. Large and small arenas to cater to numbers.

PiranMOTOGrass (racing)

99.9% Grass surface, from massive ovals to full tracks and a multiple-configuration complex.

PiranMOTOMiniOval (racing)

Many small ovals: every possible combination of banked/flat, bumpy/smooth, and wide/narrow.

PiranMOTOStreetRacing (racing)

From tight, bumpy and walled town tracks to blasts down narrow country lanes - everything in the spirit of improvised racetracks. Includes 9397's excellent Blackwood Industrial Estate series, and Rony's legendary Westschleife.

PiranMOTOClub (racing)

Small cars on small tracks means intense and strategic racing.

PiranMOTOAutocross (time trial)

Autocross challenges from FreedCapybara.

PiranMOTOCaptureTheFlag (game)

Automated team balancing here for impromptu capture the flag. Drive through a base to capture or return a flag, hit an opponent to steal their flag.